Do you or someone you know:

  • Have an important goal, but can’t seem to make it a priority?
  • Feel ready to move forward, but keep staying stuck?
  • Struggle with balancing life and work?
IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Change or Transition
IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Transition to Retirement

Welcome to the First Newsletter for Ilene Berns-Zare Life & Work Coaching!

A common thread throughout my professional life has been a commitment to empower people through personal development, learning, and well-being. Over the years, my own journey has involved several work-life transformations. A few years ago I found myself once again examining my life and began reflecting on some powerful questions. What’s truly important to me? Are there things I can do to improve my well-being of mind, body, spirit? What is happiness, and is it possible to have more? What are my next steps and how can I get there?

These might seem like a lot of questions, and they are! In fact, that’s one of the things that life coaches do – ask a lot of powerful questions. And coaches encourage clients to answer these questions for themselves because the premise of life coaching is that YOU are the expert on your own life! YOU have your own strengths, inner knowing, and wisdom. YOU know yourself best. I came to realize that coaching is a natural fit with my calling to help people live their lives more fully. This complements my real world experience and training in psychology, teaching, human resource development and most recently, life coaching.

In this newsletter I respond to questions people frequently ask me.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching, a collaborative process through which clients can access their own strengths, possibilities, and choices, offers tools and accountability to help people get on track and take actions to reach their objectives.  Together, coach and client co-create a relationship with a focus on helping the client maximize personal and/or professional potential and fulfillment.

IBZ Life and Work Coaching - What is life coaching?
IBZ Life and Work Coaching - How is coaching DIFFERENT than psychotherapy?

How is coaching DIFFERENT than psychotherapy?

Coaching is NOT psychotherapy or counseling. It is an educational and personal/professional development process. Effective coaches help people take information, strengths and skills they already have, define their vision, develop an action plan, and get motivated to achieve their goals and possibilities.

Where does coaching take place?

You can be in any location you want to be for coaching meetings! Most coaches work over the telephone, although some coaching is done face to face. Coaching via the phone is convenient for clients, and because many coaches are trained and skilled in listening deeply and carefully, it works well for most people.

IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Where does coaching take place
IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Where does coaching take place?
IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Where does coaching take place?

What services does Ilene Berns-Zare Life & Work Coaching offer?

  • One to One Life & Work Coaching
  • Personal Coaching for Professionals
  • Group Life & Work Coaching
  • Training/Speaking for Businesses, Professional Offices, Schools, and Organizations

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