Getting Organized

Get Busy or Get Quiet?

Our last newsletter posed the question, “What is your relationship with your 168 hours?”

It is safe to say that we’ve all experienced challenges with time management and organizing our busy lives. How can I balance the work I love with the less enjoyable tasks and the many fun and fulfilling aspects of my jam-packed life? A common first impulse is to get busy and complete as many tasks as possible. Then I stop to think about my intentions, goals, and strategies to use time effectively.

Pause. Get Quiet. Focus On Your Breath.

Instead of scrambling to complete my tasks, I notice my thoughts and let them go. When my focus shifts, I feel quieter, less overwhelmed, and able to move forward mindfully.

IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Get Busy or Get Quiet?
IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Get Busy or Get Quiet?

Reviewing my calendar and countless sticky notes induces unwanted feelings of overwhelm, mostly from being so disorganized. Moments like this alert me that it is time to prioritize my tasks into manageable lists.

  • Set an intention. Write a sentence describing what you want to accomplish.
  • Create 3 lists. Prioritize your tasks into the following categories:
    1. Needs to be done (complete today)
    2. Will be done (complete sometime this week)
    3. Unnecessary (the world won’t end if it doesn’t get done)
  • Schedule longer term items on your calendar.

When all tasks are prioritized, I pause for a moment to acknowledge gratitude for taking time to do something that will benefit my quality of life and contribute to my success. A wave of relief washes over me as I move forward to the next task on my list.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

How can you prioritize a goal if you haven’t made time for it?

Figure out what’s important to you and take the steps to get there!

If you aren’t getting it done on your own, maybe life coaching can help. Dr. Ilene Berns-Zare is a life & work coach, psychologist, and educator. Life coaching can empower YOU to access your own strengths, possibilities, and choices. To learn more about strategies for prioritizing and planning basics, please attend our FREE Teleconference: Making the Most of your Time in Life and Work.

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