Ilene Berns-Zare, PsyD is a Life & Work Coach, Speaker, and Educator. An intuitive, collaborative, well-rounded professional, Ilene coaches people to identify their strengths, develop relevant, manageable goals, and take the actions to achieve them. Ilene has a passion for the significance of discovering one’s inner wisdom, finding meaning, purpose, and wellness in personal and/or professional realms, and for the power of coaching to positively change people’s lives.

“At The Center Of Your Being You Have The Answer; You Know Who You Are And You Know What You Want.”

Lao Tzu

Ilene Berns-Zare

Ilene Berns-Zare


About Ilene

Dr. Ilene Berns-Zare is an ICF Certified Coach (ACC), Psychologist, Educator, and Speaker. Imagine your life and work as you would like them. Coaching partners with clients to help them identify what truly matters in their personal and professional realms, take actions to bring out the best in themselves, and move toward their goals. Ilene’s model of coaching is based in positive psychology and collaborative partnership that inspires people to maximize their potential. Ilene has a passion for the significance of building on strengths, discovering what’s meaningful in one’s life, awakening balance, well-being, and success, and for the power of coaching to help people positively change their own lives.


What Do All These Letters Mean?

Ilene’s life path and successful work in several careers bring insight and balance to her coaching practice. A common thread throughout Ilene’s professional life is her commitment to empower people through learning, personal development, and well-being. As a backdrop to Life & Work Coaching, Ilene has rich experience in converging professional areas including as a psychologist, an educator, a trainer/facilitator, and a manager/leader. She sees coaching as a collaborative relationship through which clients can access their own answers, competencies, and choices. Ilene’s ability to listen deeply and intuitively, ask thought-provoking questions, and help people discover their own voice within the contexts of their lives are hallmarks of her work as a coach.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in education and science, Ilene began her career life working in the pharmaceutical/medical supply field as a sales representative and also in a training role. During those years, she earned a Master of Science in Human Resource Development. Following that, Ilene managed a large, innovative multi-community prevention program which brought public and private organizations together to address substance abuse issues in seven suburban communities. Following her inner knowing, Ilene returned to graduate school, earning Masters and Doctorate (PsyD) degrees in Psychology in 1999.

At many points in her career, Ilene has provided education and training for groups in varied settings and on a wide range of topics. Since 2003, Ilene has led numerous seminars for an employee assistance and wellness program, that serves companies across the U.S. Following her love of teaching, Ilene was a college instructor (Bachelors, Masters) for 9 years. For 11 years, she taught science with middle school students at a public school and was a multi-disciplinary team leader for teaching staff during nine of those years.

A few years ago, Ilene found herself examining her own life. She began asking herself questions such as: What is my purpose in life? What is really important to me, and how can I engage in more of what is significant? What is my passion? What is happiness, and is it possible to have more of it? As Ilene explored powerful questions, accessing mind, body, heart, and spirit, she actively made changes in her life and transitioned most of her professional time toward life coaching, training, and speaking.

Given Ilene’s experience, interests, and her own transformations, coaching is a natural fit for her professional direction. Ilene is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many people in ways that make a positive difference. She brings to her coaching – joy, energy, and authentic interest in helping others to achieve success.

Ilene welcomes your questions about coaching. To explore whether coaching is a good choice for you, please contact Ilene at [email protected].