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Testimonial 5

“Ilene has helped me crystallize action plans around difficult topics and choices I’ve had to make, and she has supported me through the development of entire action plans that I knew needed to be instituted, but couldn’t seem to formulate on my own. I especially appreciate Ilene’s ability to ask the hard questions that help me come to important realizations. In every session she seems keenly aware of what motivates people, and is able to work that information into her methods for helping me achieve my goals. I’m excited by the many new developments in my life that have resulted from having Ilene as my coach!”

I.N. | Canada

Testimonial 5

“Ilene is warm, caring and direct. She was able to help me get to the heart of an important matter, to support me in forward movement on goals, and also to gently hold various feelings as they came up for me during our work together.”

E.A. | Maryland

Testimonial 5

“Having Dr. Ilene Berns-Zare as a presenter for the Exclusive Professional Women’s Networking Group was a great decision! She handled the topic “Unstress for Success: Quick Tools for Shifting Stress into Power” extremely well. She took the time to tailor her remarks to our audience and was engaging and inspiring, striking a relevant chord with our members! Her presentation was to the point, timely, concise, and expertly offered.”

Susan Raemer-Rodriguez, R&R Human Resources Solutions
Board of Directors | Exclusive Professional Women’s Networking Group (EPWNG)

Testimonial 5

“It is worthwhile to reflect on this transition in our lives so that we can appreciate and enjoy its blessings. The program focused on the positive aspects of aging. The leader [Ilene] gently moved the group along by sharing insights as well as research materials.”

Patricia | Arlington Heights, Illinois 

Testimonial 5

“You’ll be pleased to know that the event surveys, planning committee feedback and Board members’ reactions were all exceedingly favorable and that in large was attributed to you! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your time and talents with the students, of which had stellar comments about their experience in your session.  The relatable knowledge transfer, personal story telling and professional coaching techniques impacted the overall engagement and they left more prepared and empowered than when they arrived.  You really delivered excellence and I am so very grateful for your participation.”

Cherie Price, Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)
Advisory Board PresidentIllinois Diversity Council

Testimonial 5

“Ilene Berns-Zare was outstanding as a leader for us! She provided us with many provocative readings that stimulated us to think beyond our own boundaries…..After taking the course, I feel much more positive and have a clear vision about my future. I was actually sad to see it end. Thank you for intervening in a cross point in my life.”

Wendy | Inverness, Illinois

IBZ Life and Work Coaching - Testimonial 5

“Dr. Ilene Berns-Zare has a presence on the call that gave me the sense of having a guide by my side, walking along with me to reach my desired destination. She has impeccable coaching skills that really helped refine and define my goals, take action steps and make changes that improved my professional and personal life tremendously.

The beauty of her coaching is that I received immediate feedback of its efficacy as I noticed feeling satisfaction and joy right away. Her authenticity, compassion and brilliance all parceled together are palpable!”

Sushama | Tampa, FL

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“Why do I love your newsletter? It’s written in simple, understandable language that I can grasp as a non-native American. You concentrate all the best in the subject you want your reader to get. If I want, I can go deeper because you add the references at the end. You offer informative ideas and maybe of all of them, there might be a few I can use. This is not the newsletter I want to delete. Your newsletter talks to me.”
– Magda G.

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Testimonial 1

“I had the pleasure of attending a virtual group with Ilene on time management – and she did a wonderful job! She was clear, organized, informative, open and present – and the information she brought together offered many useful approaches and strategies for managing your time. I would definitely recommend Ilene as a presentation speaker. “

L.B. | Greater Boston, MA

Testimonial 2

“Thank you for your great coaching inspiring me to move forward with my coaching practice. Today I had lunch with a colleague from campus, gave her some of my new coaching cards and she said she’d be happy to pass them out and could already think of some people who could benefit from coaching. Thanks for helping me take that step!”

D.D. | Los Gatos, CA

Testimonial 3

“Your teleconference addressing time effectiveness was both inspiring and practical. I came away from the session with an array of tools that I can begin to use immediately.  The ones that resonated most powerfully with me were the key questions to ask myself throughout the day.  Doing so will ensure that my efforts are aligned with my values and intentions and that my work-life is more productive and fulfilling”

D.M. | Orlando, Florida

Testimonial 4

“Ilene clearly speaks from wide experience. In addition to her workplace expertise, she has a compassionate understanding of where and how it’s possible to “lose” time to inefficiency, faulty systems for managing, and the overwhelm of a busy life. She inspires confidence by her own example, all the while wrapping her group in empathy.  After just a short sample off Ilene’s “time-coaching” I feel I can look at my own challenges with fresh eyes and optimism, and begin tomorrow with some small changes that will add up to big differences.”


Testimonial 5

“Thanks again. We appreciated your time and it was a great facilitation!”

Greater Chicago Area Business


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